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Horns on sale

Ordering horns online at Valk Motive!

Valk Motive sells small, but very powerful 12 volt horns for motorcycles, cars and boats.

Why would I install these when I have a horn?

The standard horn produces only a weak sound. In today's busy traffic, where you are using the road together with other traffic participants who are busy with everything except paying attention to you and the road (calling, reading the paper, listening to loud music), you need a powerful horn for your own safety. With a Valk Motive horn, you are always successful!

Can I install this myself?

Yes, you can download the easy installation manual found on this website. This has been composed in such a way that it is also highly doable for a less experienced person. You are guided step-by-step towards a successful installation.



Will this fit in my car, motorcycle or boat?

Valk Motive has a highly extensive assortment. Our assortment contains a loud horn suitable for every car, motorcycle or boat.

Do not wait any longer...
Install a loud horn for your own safety. The next time someone cuts you off on a roundabout or in a traffic jam, blow your horn. Blow your horn when a driver chooses a lane you happen to be in...

Success is guaranteed!

Order horns online!
In our webshop, you can order your air horn carefree. Click here to place an order. Do you need help in ordering? Please contact us.