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Frequently asked questions

1) Will this fit on my motorcycle, car or boat?

Our assortment contains a horn for every vehicle. You do need 12 Volt; all horns are delivered in the 12 Volt version. Sometimes, you will need to place an angle bracket (available at the D.I.Y. shop) to attach the horn to the vehicle in the desired way.

2) Can I install this myself?

On this website, you can find an installation manual for every type of horn in our assortment. This manual has been composed in such a way that everyone can install the horn. Naturally, you can always ask your dealer to install the horn for you. Your dealer can also order it from us.

3) I see that I can order an installation package along with the horn. Do I need this?

The manufacturer does not deliver the "small materials" needed to install the horn. Think of sufficient wires of the correct thickness, faston plugs, fuses, fuse holder, binders etc. In short, everything you need. Therefore, we have collected these materials ourselves and made an installation package. You could also purchase these materials yourself. If you let your dealer install the horn, you can assume he has the necessary materials.