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Electronic Siren & P.A. System

Width x depth x height is 18.5 cm. x 16.5 cm. x 13 cm 3300 grams No 12 volts Product op voorraadOn stock € 165,00 Play sound

An extremely loud, strong, high-quality siren. Operable via a small control box. Can produce 3 types of siren sounds (Yelp, wail air horn) and can be used to speak through. (PA system).

This siren is incredibly loud. During fairs, it can only be demonstrated on 25% of the maximum volume. The controller has a power of 50 watts, the waterproof speaker is 100 watt.

The size of the control box is 10.5 cm wide, 8.5 cm deep and 3 cm high.

The sound fragment of this horn gives you a good impression of the type of sound. The actual force can only be experienced when you have installed it.