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Dukes of Hazzard - Dixie

Yes, it is included in the package 12 volts Product op voorraadOn stock € 52,50 Play sound

The sound of the Dodge Charger 1969 RT of the Duke boys, the car that is also called "General Lee".

Valk Motorparts also delivers a high-quality switch, so you can keep and continue to use the original horn. With the switch, you can choose which horn you wish to hear: the melody horn or your original horn. Subsequently, you just press your own horn button, as always.

For this installation method, you should use this
installation description.

Please note:
The manufacturer only delivers the melody horns with a relay. Therefore, we offer an installation package to install the horn. This packages consists of an ample amount of installation wire in black (3 metres) and red (3 metres) of 2.5 mm2 thickness, fuses, fuse holder and various connection materials. You can simply order this by ticking the box "In shopping cart". Picture of the content of the installation package:


This set consists of 5 horns with compressor.