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Stebel Brio La Dolce Vita

Length x depth x height is 16.6 x 9.3 x 17.5 centimetres. 1.105 gram Yes, it is included in the package. 12 volts Product op voorraadOn stock € 55,00 Play sound

This horn plays not only the very loud sound of the Brio La Dolce Vita but also the deafening twin tone sound of the Nautilus Compact. A switch is included to choose your sound.

This famous sound can be heared in the movie "Il Sorpasso" from Dino Risi from 1962. An Alfa Romeo Giulietta has this nice horn sound.

If choosen the Nautilus Compact sound, the horns produces a deafening sound of 139 dB, measured at a distance of 4 inches, or 10 cm. The sound is 115 dB at a distance of 2 metres. The frequency is 530 / 680 Hz.

The physical installation is performed with 1 bolt which is included.

The imposing noise sounds immediately upon pressing the horn button. There is no delay.

Please note: have you installed this horn after purchasing it? Warn your bystanders before you demonstrate the horn..

The sound fragment of this horn gives you a good impression of the type of sound. The actual force can only be experienced when you have installed it.

Click here for the installation manual.

Please note:
The manufacturer only delivers the Stebel Brio BP3 with a relay. Therefore, we offer an installation package to install the horn. This packages consists of an ample amount of installation wire in black (2,5 metres) and red (2,5 metres) of 2.5 mm2 thickness, fuses, fuse holder and various connection materials. You can simply order this by ticking the box "In shopping cart". Picture of the content of the installation package: