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Wolo Very Loud & Chrom Twin set

Diameter is 8 centimetres, thickness is 7.5 centimetres, largest diameter through shell is 10 centimetres. 450 grams No 12 volts Product op voorraadOn stock € 42,50 Play sound

The Wolo Very Loud & Chrom is a set and consists of a horn with a high tone and a horn with a low tone (420/510 Hz). By linking these together, a "high power" horn is created with an exceedingly powerful sound of 115 dB, measured at a distance of 1 meter.

Very populair by motorcyclists because the small size goes together with very much noise. If you only have limited space, this is a good choice. The 2 horns only need a small spot.

Brackets are included for physical installation.

The imposing noise sounds immediately upon pressing the horn button. There is no delay.

Please note: have you installed this horn after purchasing it? Warn your bystanders before you demonstrate the horn...

The sound fragment of this horn gives you a good impression of the type of sound. The actual force can only be experienced when you have installed it.

Click here for the installation manual.

Please note:
The Wolo Very Loud & Chrom Twin set is delivered completely with the materials needed to link the 2 horns together. Picture of the content of the installation package: