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Deluxe chrome disc horn high tone

Diameter is 10 centimetres, thickness is 4.5 centimetres. 318 grams No 12 volts Product op voorraadOn stock € 12,50 Play sound

A powerful single tone disc horn with a high tone. A simple but effective Plug & play solution to replace your current weak horn.

This type is also available with a low tone or as aTwin set, so low and high together. When do you choose a high tone and when do you choose a low tone? The low and high tones are equally loud. The low tone sounds friendlier, the high tone sounds shriller and is therefore a more piercing sound.

The sound fragment of this horn gives you a good impression of the type of sound. The actual force can only be experienced when you have installed it.

Click here for the installation manual of this plug & play horn.